Owner gets stuck in tree rescuing parrot in Wiltshire

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Owner gets stuck in tree rescuing parrot in Wiltshire

Firefighters were called to rescue a woman who got stuck in a tree while rescuing her parrot.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said she was stuck 18ft (5.4m) above the ground in Trowbridge.

Firefighters used a ladder to bring the woman safely down to ground level in Woodlands Edge on Saturday morning.

The fire service said it was a “reminder of the danger” posed when people try to perform their own rescues.

Crews from Trowbridge, Chippenham, Warminster and Devizes were sent to help the woman.


“Once in attendance [the] Trowbridge crew confirmed only one other fire engine was required so that a 12-metre ladder could be used to assist the member of the public to safety,” a fire service spokesman said.

“We of course understand the emotional attachments to pets of any species, but please take this incident as a reminder of the danger posed by attempting to rescue without any specialist assistance.”

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